Monitor Calibration Service

If your photos look different in print than they do on your computer screen, or movies just don’t look as detailed as they should, then it’s possible that your monitor needs to be calibrated. Using a professional calibrating device, Doctor Tech can improve your monitor’s image detail and colour accuracy. This service is also particularly useful to photographers and graphic designers- where display accuracy is very important.


  • Improve Colour Accuracy
  • More Accurate Printing
  • Increase Image Detail
  • Reduce Eye Strain
Monitor Calibration Service

I thought that my laptop screen was giving up as it had gone really dull. I hadn’t even heard of calibrating before but after a few minutes with my laptop, Doctor Tech managed to revive it! The before and after difference was like day and night.





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We Come To You

Our engineer will come to your home or office to calibrate your screens.

Discount Available

We offer a discount on multiple device calibration. Call today for a free quote.

No Fix, No Fee

If we aren’t able to calibrate your monitor, you don’t pay a penny.